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Crystal Fighters

December 15, 2013

Crystal Fighters_group 1

Mixing equal parts club-style dance music and 18th century traditional Basque music, Crystal Fighters have truly created their own genre. With two super successful albums under their belt, the band have also recently sold out the majority of their UK headline tour. Electric Banana caught up with multi-instrumentalist Gilbert Vierich to talk about everything from the band’s inception to his thoughts on the future.

1. For those who don’t know much about Crystal Fighters, tell me a bit about yourselves…

We’re a bunch of people who make and play music and we like to combine old and new styles of music.

2. What genre would you put yourselves in?

We like to play with all the genres… I think ‘Crystal Fighters’ would be our genre.

3. What does the name Crystal Fighters mean to you?

It’s from a passage from an unfinished opera – from one of our original singers’ Basque grandfather. One of the passages ‘Crystal Fighters’ referred to these young people who were being rebellious. That’s what it means to us.

4. What are you most looking forward to right now?

We can’t wait to play tonight, it’s been an awesome tour. We can’t wait to go to Australia at the end of the year – also we can’t wait to make new music as well.

5. What’s the best that’s happened to you as a band?

Just having people like our music and come to our gigs.

6. Do you prefer doing live shows or recording material?

Probably live shows. I can’t wait to get back into [recording material], though. Generally when you start out you spend most of the time recording and so you get good at that. If people like what you make you end up playing for a while and not doing the recording. So, it’s like an on and off love/hate relationship with both.

7. What’s your favourite live venue?

We just played Brixton Academy and that was awesome. It doesn’t really matter as long as [the crowd] still like you.

8. What’s the best thing about being in a band?

Being able to travel around, not have a normal job and do what you enjoy doing.

9. If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Prince, [David] Bowie, Elvis, [Michael] Jackson.

10. What’re your plans for the near and distant future?

Yeah we’re definitely thinking about new material and collaborations as well. There’s some songs from the latest album [Cave Rave] that didn’t make the album so we’ll probably have those, then a few collaborations then a new album.We just hope to continue doing what we’re doing and getting bigger and better… Wembley Stadium… headlining Glastonbury… [laughs]

Interview by Katie Vowles

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