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July 1, 2015

Gengahr - Felix Bushe

North London’s Gengahr have already dazzled us with their soft mix of sparkling indie-pop in their short but immense climb up the ranks, and with the recent release of their debut album A Dream Outside, it’s exciting times for the band. Gengahr are playing a string of festival dates throughout summer, followed by their own headline UK tour in October, so be sure to check them out!

We caught up with their frontman, Felix Bushe (pictured, right), to talk about their new album, touring and their unique style of music.

1) How did Gengahr first meet?

I was in the same class as Danny and Hugh at secondary school. We became friends on our first day and have remained so ever since. We met John about 4 years back at our local Wetherspoons and we took things from there.

2) How would you describe A Dream Outside to anyone who hasn’t listened to it yet?

It’s full of soft, gritty, psychedelic pop songs.

3) Which bands have had the biggest influence on your music?

I think that it’s quite different for each of us individually. I think of the more modern influences I’d probably say Deerhunter, UMO and Twin Sister. But to be honest i could name another 5 or 6 that have been equally as important to me when making our debut album.

Which songs on the album are your favourites and why?

I think just like a good parent you should love them all equally but I’m really enjoying playing the newer stuff live at the minute. Tracks like ‘Embers’ and ‘Trampoline’ have only just found their way in to the set and it’s always exciting when you get to do something new and different.

5) It’s fair to say, you have a pretty unique and intriguing style of music. Do you think that’s one of the main reasons for your success?

I’d like to think so. We do have a fairly meticulous attitude to crafting our sound and it’s something we take a lot of pride in. It would be nice to think it didn’t go unnoticed.

6) Compared to this time a year ago, did you ever imagine yourself releasing your very own album, touring with big bands and headlining your own tours?

It’s always the dream for any band starting out and we feel so lucky to be where we are right now. We have played in bands since we were 12 years old so for us to finally make a full length record this is a very momentous occasion for us.

7) Who’s the craziest band you’ve supported? What was it like?

We’ve never supported anyone crazier than us i don’t think… But playing before us on the Circa Waves tour were the Rat Boy guys. They were often hilarious and must be all less than twenty. I think it’s fair to say they were having the time of their lives that week.

8) Looking ahead to your own headline tour, what can we expect from a Gengahr show?

If you like what we do on record then there’s a good chance you will enjoy us live. We try to make our live shows a little more dynamic than perhaps one might assume but mostly we will be trying to make sure everyone has a good time.

9) What are your tour essentials that you can’t live without?

The Cardinal Burns box set. You got to have great comedy in the bus. When everyone is getting a bit tired and ratty pop in some cardy burns and everything is good again.

10) Finally, your band name comes from your collective favourite Pokémon, Gengar. Surely there was some disagreement?

‘Arcanine’ was a close second…!

Watch the Official music video for Gengahr’s “Heroine” below.

Words by Guy Arrowsmith.

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