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Naboo (Mike Fielding)

January 8, 2012 5

Come with us now on a journey through time and space – as Mike Fielding answers 10 questions for Electric Banana!

Mike is best known for playing Naboo the Enigma in the BBC show The Mighty Boosh, but is now working his shaman magic as a DJ. The 30-year-old star will get your feet on the dancefloor with a special mixture of indie, electro and classic mash-ups. Why? Because he’s Naboo, that’s who.

He answers Electric Banana’s hard-hitting questions to exclusively reveal Naboo’s influences, the best tunes to play to get any party going, the secret art of dancing, and err…his preferred type of soup.

So, without further ado, here are his answers to our questions…

What is your favourite soup, creamy or chunky?

Chunky is always best. French onion is my favourite.

Who is Naboo’s style icon?

Naboo has his own style, he’s a one off.

Aside from magic carpets, what’s your preferred method of transportation?

Naboo’s other mode of transport is a white swan. Marc Bolan stole the idea!

Who is your favourite Mighty Boosh character?

Crack Fox. He is both genius and terrifying at the same time.

Talk us through the naming of the Mighty Boosh

The Mighty Boosh is named after my hair. When I was young my best friend was a Spanish boy called Sam and he used to call my big curly hair “The Mighty Boosh”.

If you had to decide on a favourite quote from the Boosh, what would it be?

“I did a tummy shame” (Crack Fox).

You obviously DJ now, which song can you guarantee to be a floor filler when you play it?

The Gossip ‘Standing In the way of Control’ and David Bowie’s ‘Magic Dance’ from the film Labyrinth always gets the crowd going crazy.

What’s the best place you’ve DJed at? Why?

I supported Fatboy Slim at the Brighton Beach Boutique on New Year’s Day one year. Amazing! That’s defo one for the scrapbook. Hehe

Which place in the UK has the worst dancers?

There are no rules to dancing, if you are having fun on the dancefloor it doesn’t matter how you dance.

Is there still a chance of a Mighty Boosh film?


Questions by Daisy Jarrett

Words by Andy Parker

Comments 5

  1. bilge says:

    nabooliooo why did you have to go

  2. Jasmine says:

    WE MISS NABOO! This is such an enlightenment on the booshniverse <3

  3. Jody Simpson McCourt says:

    this made my day, fab! cheers mike. :3

  4. LOL epic person says:

    NABOOOOOO is awesome

  5. Pete the shaman says:

    Haha! This is so great. It made my day when I read this ‘cos there hasn’t been any Boosh-related interviews for a long, long, long time! Also, about him saying about the film is a real light!! Cheers Mike. :3