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Get Inuit

January 18, 2014

get inuit

What’s This?

“It’s a stupid name, we know…” admits lead singer Jamie Glass, and yet, despite their unusual nomenclature, Get Inuit are effortlessly making waves amongst BBC Radio stations. With their unique blend of surf inspired guitar pop receiving praise from the likes of Huw Stephens, Abbie McCarthy and Tom Robinson, it’s hard to believe this band has only been on the scene since June last year.

What Does It Sound Like?

The term ‘surf-inspired’ is one that seems to be making its way to the foreground of indie music at present, and has now seemingly lost all relevance to the nautical pass-time, as this band demonstrate. The Kent four-piece openly admit having no surfing experience between them, and yet, to say their music is ‘surf-inspired’ would be wholly accurate. Sounding like a delicious blend of The Ramones, The Beach Boys and Spector, Get Inuit vomit out fast, furious, powerchord-driven tunes with superb melodies that wouldn’t sound nearly out of place in an American Pie film, backing a montage of fresh-faced teenagers driving to the beach in a convertible Mustang.

The indie pop newcomers currently only have two songs on offer, but boy are they gems… ‘Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated’ at a mere two minutes and one second is surely to become the group’s defining anthem, with its refreshing sense of fun, its unstoppable pace, and its doubtless live potential: “I wanna be your stick in the mud…” is as infectious as it is brilliant. ‘My Oh My’ meanwhile, solidifies the label of ‘surf-pop’ as Beach Boys style falsetto harmonies back Glass’s distinctive penetrating vocals atop a mess of distorted guitars.

To witness Get Inuit live is a treat in itself; the band offer an endearingly raw take on their recorded material, showcasing plenty more nuggets of sonic beauty that have yet to be unleashed into the world of the internet. Reason enough to unstick your sweaty buttocks from your office chair and remove yourself from the depressing allure of Facebook?

For Your Listening Pleasure

What’s The Final Verdict?

They’re shaping up to be Kent’s finest, and it is surely only a matter of time before we see this Sittingbourne four-piece within the glossy pages of NME magazine, or gracing the stage at Reading and Leeds festival. The charisma of Get Inuit is undeniable, and without getting swept away only two tracks into their career, they could quite possibly be one of the most promising bands to emerge out of 2013.

Words by Nick Tompkins

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