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September 14, 2014


Who is this?

Lavoy are an indie synth-pop band straight out of the remotest parts of Alaska, a place miles from the next town and flooded in darkness during the cold winter months- hardly ideal for any band just starting up! But Lavoy have persevered, moved on and after three independently released albums met with great local support, they find themselves releasing a self-titled EP under producer Tony Hoffer (Phoenix, Beck, Depeche Mode). Most bands would probably have given up at the first hurdle but not Lavoy, they’ve been through more trials than the fellowship themselves!

What do they sound like?

Lavoy’s indie pop music is heavily focussed on synthesisers and pop guitars, with the result being a soft and subdued sound. It’s not garish at all though, but instead vibrant and lively, soaring off in every direction like a splash of paint to a blank canvas. It’s colourful music but executed in a subtle way and perhaps it’s this timid characteristic that makes them so instantly charming? “Fool Proof Plan” features a bass heavy synth that resides over the track amongst soothing guitar flecks, whilst “Here Comes The Night” is packed with sparkling synths and eerie electronic drums. But the standout track of the EP is “Learn Who You Are” which features a delicate Kings Of Leon style guitar riff, more shimmering effects and teasing keyboard flickers. They sound like a mixture of Phoenix and M83, full of pop energy and textural sounds, and that added geek factor, all jam jar glasses and half-mast pants. Frontman Tyrell Tompkins has a unique voice, both sharp and warming that mimics the music note for note. It’s a remarkably elegant EP and what’s so lovely about their sound is that it evokes a whirlwind of emotions both good and bad. Each song is like its own little journey, straight in to the heart of Alaska, delving deeper and deeper in to its beauty.

A few words from the band themselves…

“Our sound is of synth based alt-pop origins from the likes of David Byrne meeting Michael Jackson at a Beck DJ’d dance party. We like to get people dancing and we like to do a bit moving ourselves. There’s a place we like to go where the audience is our away team and we’re discovering a new uninhabited planet and there’s hit heavy dance music with undertones of a real message, a real gospel if you will playing from a vintage boom box in the sky hidden behind the sunset purples and oranges. We hope you enjoy it.”

For your viewing pleasure…

For your listening pleasure…

What’s the final verdict?

Lavoy are a band with an instantly popular sound and have the potential to grow and develop in to a fully fledged indie pop group. What they do best is produce spirited indie pop, full of quirky synths and vivid guitar sounds that simply make you feel good. With a new single on the cards as well as a follow up EP working with Tony Hoffer again, it’s exciting times for Lavoy. Clearly those harsh Alaskan winters haven’t had an effect on this band!

Words by Guy Arrowsmith.

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