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Mark Brathwaite

October 12, 2014

Mark Brathwaite

Who is this?

The hip-hop music scene is one of the most overloaded and popular genres out there at the moment, so it’s important for upcoming artists to stand amongst the never-ending plethora of Jay-Z and Biggie wannabes! But Mark Brathwaite manages to do exactly that, bringing an air of sophistication back to hip-hop with modern contemporary beats and soulful rapping. The Toronto born artist is preparing for the release of his new album “Phoenix” this autumn, as well as more upcoming live dates at Indie Week Canada to showcase his promising talent. The future is bright, that’s for sure.

What do they sound like?

Most new hip-hop music seems to suffer from the same few problems- either their music is too insulting for the human ears, they’re not up to scratch musically or they fail to be anything but tedious. Brathwaite has had no such problems so far in his musical venture, and in fact proves that hip-hop can outshine its own negative connotations that seem to hold it back at times. Brathwaite is far more than just a hip-hop artist. He’s a poet, a spokesman, a voice all laid down over elegant urban beats. New single “Sunrise” proves that hip-hop does have a sophisticated side to it with a teasingly beautiful introduction, followed by subtle electronic synths and eerie drum beats. Brathwaite’s vocals switch effortlessly from soft soulful singing to edgy urban rapping as he spits out his lyrics with startling ease. The stripped-back minimalism to Brathwaite’s song, like on earlier track “Rain”, is perhaps what makes his songs so beautiful and soothing to listen to. You can instantly get immersed within the hypnotic flow of his songs and not even realise it. He’s like the good devil on Kanye’s shoulder, whispering virtuously in to his ear why he’s such a dickhead!

A few words from the artist himself…

“My music is honest, well-produced, inspiring, and ode to the working middle class and their struggles! It pays homage to the human experience and stakes it’s claim in the rich future that will be ours as a community. I’m about building people up, getting them excited about new concepts and ideas. I’m influenced by a host of artists, I’m really drawing from Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Radiohead & Coldplay these days.”

For your viewing pleasure…

For your listening pleasure…

What’s the final verdict?

The passion and fire of hip-hop still comes through, but it’s finally been tamed and brought down to a more accessible level, a level which incorporates the rest of us, not just the hardcore hip-hop fans. The beats are subtle and executed flawlessly bringing together a host of electronic sounds and effects with a minimalistic approach. And vocally, there’s nothing to fault at all. Mark Brathwaite certainly knows how to make hip-hop sound civilised for the civilised.