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Oh Wonder

September 2, 2015

Oh Wonder

Who is this?

Oh Wonder (formally Wonder Wonder) are a writing duo (Anthony & Josephine) from South West London. They have been releasing a track each month for a year via their SoundCloud, with their first track ‘Body Gold’ released last September. This introduced us to the pair’s beautifully harmonious vocals, which are both synced with perfection. From then on each track has gained more interest and hype for this new indie sensation.

What do they sound like?

Oh Wonder’s sound is pretty stripped back and minimalist; with only a pair of vocals, a few keys on the piano and a soft beat, which combined carry such power and raw emotion. Their beautifully crafted melodies speak of love, lust and passion. All coated in sensual synths and soft beats that you can’t help but be caught up in.

Most of their records carry the same sensual rhythm, however there are outbursts of chirpy get-up beats such as: ‘Midnight Moon’, ‘Lose it’ and ‘Dazzle.’ Showing a more vibrant side to the band that speaks of free-love and a carefree spirit, which are sure tunes to cheer you up on a gloomy day.

One of their most captivating and emotional songs to date is ‘Livewire’, which was released in May. The track shows the duo’s ability to bring emotion and passion through their vocals with minimal accompaniments, which in turn, takes the song to a new level of connectivity.

For your listening pleasure…

What’s the final verdict?

Their debut album is set to be released on September 4th. Upon listening to the eleven already released tracks I have to say it’s an intense, emotional ride that is bound to leave you with a tear in your eye and a pounding in your chest. The bands seductive and beat-driven melodies can be compared to minimalist vibes of James Blake, London Grammar and The xx – just with a bit more of an uplifting charm.

The band have just announced their first tour which starts in September, where they’ll be dazzling the likes of New York, Paris, Berlin, and London to name a few. Judging by how fast the tickets went, I’d say 2016 will be Oh Wonder’s year.

Words by Steph Wilson.

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