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Rams’ Pocket Radio

December 16, 2013

rams' pocket radio

What’s this?

Taking his alias from the designs of Dieter Rams is Rams’ Pocket Radio, the project of multi-instrumentalist Peter McCauley who hails from the city of Lisburn, Northern Ireland. McCauley started his musical ventures as a drummer in bands and orchestras galore, before deciding to branch out and write his own music. After spending two years touring Europe and the UK with artists such as Snow Patrol, Foy Vance, Matchbox Twenty and Marina and The Diamonds, Rams’ has grown as an artist and has now started to make a name for himself.

What do they sound like?

There is a certain strand that runs throughout the music of Rams’ that certainly holds a vibe of classicism but adds something a little extra, a sound that has been described by McCauley himself as “pop, but deconstructed a little.” This probably hails from his vast wealth of musical influences, from Radiohead to Beethoven and everything in between, which serves to create a sound that is inevitably wholesome and a delight to listen to.

One of the most recent songs from his debut album Beton, is ‘Cavities’, a song featuring a beautifully orchestral sound that morphs in to some type of pop/electronic mash-up that somehow works perfectly. It shows the growth that Rams’ music has undertook recently on his first full-length, sounding particularly different from ‘1+2’, the pop-rock empowered title track of his 2012 EP. This is a perfect example of how diverse Rams’ can be, with his music seemingly curving to develop along with his diverse influences and the changing pace of modern music. Rams’ music, though, has become more and more popular within the music scene both in Northern Ireland and throughout the UK. Especially with performances at Glastonbury and Electric Picnic alongside plays on Radio 1 under his belt.

For your listening pleasure

What’s the final verdict?

The pairing of a large wealth of music – including the release of his debut album, Beton, which was released earlier this year – and top-class performance skills only goes to show that 2014 is sure to be the year that Rams’ Pocket Radio fully emerge to show what they can do.

Words By Jane Corscadden

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