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The Lunar Pilots

November 23, 2013

The Lunar Pilots

Who is this?

Hailing from a place that seems to be more famous for fake tans and the word ‘reem’ than its music, one must not forget that Essex does produce some talent. The Lunar Pilots happen to be a group of gifted musicians that make you scream OMG! How are they not signed yet? Steve Orchard loves them. The Grammy award winner produced their debut album, Point Of No Return and described the quintet as “new retro”.

What do they sound like?

The Lunar Pilots create pop music with a pinch of panache. Producing music desired by those who like their indie on the soft side, soaked in synths, the five-piece revel in making the most out of the melody and put their own stamp on the sound of the 70s and 80s.
If you think The Killers post Sam’s Town with a squeeze of the ambience U2 muster up then you would be on the right lines. First single ‘High As The Stars’ combines vintage synths that fly you out of Earth’s exosphere with Brien Edwards doing a grand job of trying to match the soaring melodies he and his band create.
Their knack for writing a chorus that not only makes you sing along but takes you back to a time when you could relate your day to an episode of Saved By The Bell, sets them apart from the rest of the synth-fuelled pack.

For your listening pleasure

What’s the final verdict?

In an oversaturated market full of bands attempting to break out and remain current enough in between album releases, it is testament to The Lunar Pilots who are without a label yet still have managed to create an out-of-this-world buzz. With the love of the radio stations behind them and Edwards impressive vocal delivery, the sky really is the limit for them.

Words by Antoine Omisore

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