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The Starkins

October 4, 2014

The Starkins

Who is this?

One band immediately comes to mind when you think of Sheffield…Arctic Monkeys. And with this comes a certain pressure for Sheffield bands, an expectance to deliver. The Starkins however are a band that completely ignores this pressure, or so it seems, producing bouncing indie melodies and sweaty atmospheres. The four-piece band have smashed gig after gig in their local area and have already impressed with a selection of snappy singles. Who the fuck are Arctic Monkeys after all?

What do they sound like?

The Starkins are a pretty young band, just a set of lads having fun and as a result, they have a very youthful sound. Their music is brimming with energy and enthusiasm, with an emphasis on frantic guitar rhythms and sing-along choruses. That said, they’re not just your average band that every boy with a guitar and an affinity for “Wonderwall” seems to start these days! No, they’re fast-paced and forceful, with a sound straight out of the noughties indie scene whilst putting their own frolicking sentiment on each of their songs. The bands first single “Roundabout” showcases their carefree attitude with a groovy drum beat alongside jangling guitar licks. They create a rowdy, whirling atmosphere that perfectly reflects them as a band and everything they’re about. And let me tell you, the unforgettably catchy chorus will have your head driving round like a roundabout in no time! You get the sense this is a no frills band- what you see is what you get. They’re young, lively and passionate about music with a pretty simple approach and that’s why it works so well. They don’t try to be complex and one of those “I’m so quirky” charity shop, eccentric kind of bands. Instead, they stick to their thriving guitar melodies, robust drumming and infectious lyrics, with Andy Daniel’s tender voice calling out with great conviction.

A few words from the band themselves…

“The Starkins hail from South Yorkshire and play a brand of high-octane indie with a believe that guitars should play tunes, that tunes should make you wanna bounce and that chorus’s should make you wanna bounce higher! In a matter of months The Starkins have generated impressive worldwide acclaim through a handful of raw, home made videos that perfectly capture the bands camaraderie and energy.”

For your viewing pleasure…

For your listening pleasure…

What’s the final verdict?

A lot of bands out there at the moment are trying so hard to be unique and different, and for them it might work, but the refreshing thing about The Starkins is exactly the opposite. They have a back-to-basics indie pop sound, with a polished edge and an attention to bursting guitar grooves. Yes, it might have been heard before from bands like The Pigeon Detectives and The Kooks, but these lads add of touch of nostalgia and extra energy that a lot of bands would struggle to muster up.

Words by Guy Arrowsmith.

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