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The Vinyls

February 5, 2014

The Vinyls

What’s this?

Having finished their first tour, culminating at the iconic Hope and Anchor, Islington, Brighton-based four-piece The Vinyls are set for a productive 2014. Meeting through playing the Brighton scene with their various previous projects, the band grew from a variety of musical backgrounds: lead guitarist Hal has a background playing as a solo folk artist, and bassist Marcus in metal/hardcore bands, Barney, the drummer, was a jazz percussionist, and lead singer Matt played in several garage-rock bands prior to the formation of today’s incarnation of The Vinyls.

What does it sound like?

Main songwriter Matt cites the band’s key focus and inspiration for music as melody. “We strongly believe in the importance of melody in songwriting. We have developed a common love for short, catchy, melodic songs.” He notes the influence of late 60s and 70s bands such as The Kinks, Bowie and T Rex on the band’s sound, and Best Coast and The Vaccines on their songwriting. “If after 3 minutes, a song can’t make you feel anything and doesn’t play over and over in your head, then its not doing its job.”

As a follow up to recent single ‘Hurry’, The Vinyls confirm that they are in the process of recording a new single, to be released late spring, with producer Junk Scientist on board. “The sound of the new single is definitely a continuing development from our previous releases.”

For your listening pleasure

What’s the final verdict?

The power pop-infused end product, with audibly diverse influences, from a vocal style similar to The Jam’s, punk-era drive and tempo to the new millennium’s guitar-based pop sound, is danceable and exciting. The Vinyls revive a vast array of retro sounds to sate nostalgia and delight any old soul.

Words By Minnie Wright

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