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Jack Black says Tenacious D are better than Foo Fighters and Jack White

May 15, 2012

Jack Black believes that Tenacious D deserve more plaudits in the media.

The Hollywood actor has predicted that his band’s third studio album, entitled Rize of the Fenix, will not be given a proper critical appraisal by the mainstream music press.

Speaking about his current favourite albums, Black said: “I do love [Jack White’s] Blunderbuss, I love the Foo [Fighters], I love Tom Waits, his new record is incredible… and Goyte… but our album is better than all of those, and because we’re clowns, we don’t get that kind of love.”

Black then went on to (jokily) claim his contemporaries will fail over the long term compared to Tenacious D – who will be remembered long after they have disbanded.

Jack quipped: “In a hundred years’ time, no-one will remember Gotye or the rest, but the shining beacon of The D – they’re going to start religions after us.”

Rize of the Fenix? No wonder they are not getting critical appraisal!  The D’s spelling is appalling.

Words by David Huxley.

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