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Butch Walker – Peachtree Battle

September 17, 2013



What’s this?

Butch Walker is an American recording artist, songwriter, and music producer. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who joined in with a few bands prior to focusing on his solo career and his work as a producer. It’s safe to say he’s been deeply involved with the music industry since the ’80s. Some of the acts he’s worked with in the studio recently include Fall Out Boy and Gin Wigmore.

And what’s it like?

Lyrically, it’s enticing and delightful. Walker’s emotionally charged songwriting is infectious and entertains from beginning to end. ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This’ kick-starts the album with a gentle punch that sets things off on an immediately positive note. Despite the lyrics: “Nothing can prepare you for the coldness of the fall”, catchy harmonies throughout keep things light. Title track ‘Peachtree Battle’ has a soft beat to it and is utterly beautiful yet it’s the track that is more sentimental and less energetic. Walker’s vocals are enticing however and keep things interesting.

‘Favorite Son’ and ‘Coming Home’ are the two real uptempo highlights of the EP. There’s absolutely no denying they’ll cause plenty of movement and smiles all round as both are powerful and addictive. ‘Let It Go Where It’s Supposed To’ closes the EP with plenty of advice for life: “Let your life hang out the window to dry/And if it catches the wind and you never see it again/Then I guess it was probably time”.

Throughout, there are fantastic harmonies and in it’s entirety, Peachtree Battle is nothing short of charming. This EP is filled with variety disguised with uniformity, everything melts together perfectly and artfully. It’s a shame that this is an EP and not an album, as more material wold be greatly welcomed. In a way, these charming songs will cause questions about mortality without compromising cheeriness. Despite being focused greatly around his father’s illness, these tracks are a celebration of life through music.

What’s the tracklisting?

1. I’ve Been Waiting For This
2. Peachtree Battle
3. Favorite Son
4. Coming Home
5. Let It Go Where It’s Supposed To

Can you listen to anything now?

What’s the final verdict?

Peachtree Battle is somewhat personal and is laced with hints of optimism between the dark lyricism – despite the themes of the EP there’s no denying it’s beyond catchy. This five track EP is sure to be on repeat for many a listener.

Words by Jessica Flynn

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