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Chairlift – Something

January 21, 2012 2

New York synth-pop indie outfit Chairlift release their third album Something, but now seem less and less likey for the band to break through into the mainstream with this good (but fairly average) collection of new songs.

Multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wimberly and singer/keyboardist Caroline Polachek are now without founding member Aaron Pfenning – who presumably left the band after Caroline Polachek and him had stopped their shagging and that whole silly “being each other’s boyfriend/girlfriend” malarkey. The new stream-lined duo have teamed-up with producers Alan Moulder (Depeche Mode) and Dan Carey (Kylie Minogue, Hot Chip) and predictably delivered an album that will only delight any keyboard-kissing synth lovers amongst you.

I Belong in Your Arms is a New Romantic ballad that the Human League would have been proud of during their 1980s pomp. But lead single Amanaemonesia is the best thing here, with a merry old electro hook and bass that almost makes you want to buy shoulder-pads and use hairspray to celebrate the song’s influences – but then you’ll come to your senses and recall what a bloody horrible decade the 1980s was. One thing for sure though is that Chairlift have got a great singer – as Polachek’s vocals really add to the charm of this entire album. It just sadly lacks ‘something’ special to cause a crazy stampede in HMV.

A ‘chairlift’ – you know, those things that carry people around at ski resorts – is a good name for the band, as like chairlifts, the band is enjoyable but ultimately are unable to change their lazy (decent-ish electro-pop) direction.

Words by Pete Huxley

Comments 2

  1. Emma says:

    I absolutely love this album! Caroline’s voice is amazing :) Especially in this video of “Ghost Tonight.” Definitely worth checking out:

  2. Matt says:

    Worst. Review. Ever.