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Animal Collective – FloriDada

January 24, 2016

Animal Collective - FloriDada


What’s this?

“FloriDada” is the lead single (and opening track) from Animal Collective’s upcoming tenth studio album Painting With. The synth-pop track from the experimental indie four-piece, who share writing and production credits here, is apparently Avey Tare’s ode to Florida, featuring Tare and Panda Bear paying tribute to the (often mocked) American state.

And what’s it like?

“I don’t even know where to begin or how I should start these days,” these lyrics from the latest single, “FloriDada”, have described the feelings of most people when talking about this song perfectly. By creating an intro that makes the track sound like the main soundtrack to a video game, it’s enabled feet to be tapping and heads bobbing. This is the first preview of what the band can do for 2016 and so far they have created an interesting vibe, considering the music video practically causes seizures. But then again the band aren’t strangers to unique videos.

Using a number of electronic sounds has allowed the single to get the attention it deserves, but it’s a different sound to some of their greater songs. You can’t help but feel that yes change is good, but if this is the same electronic beats, music videos and lyrics throughout the soon to be released album then is change for the band actually needed? It’s an interesting listen when you first hear it as you love the addictive beats, but on the second time round you notice the lyrics are a bit edgy, with certain lyrics possibly implying something about the American state? Having said all of this, it’s an interesting vibe with a beat that gets you hyped up, but was the music video needed? Probably not.

Can you listen to it now?

What’s the final verdict?

The four-piece band have produced a track that makes you want to dance, but at the same time sit there and contemplate “What’s up with the music video?” because the animations used in the video are a little weird. Animal Collective over the years have created some great alternative music, which have always had people wanting more and craving their music, but this time round not so much.

Words by Josh Abraham.

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