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Blame – Floods

September 2, 2012 9
 Blame - Floods Review1/5

What’s this?

‘Floods’ is the debut single from the Uttoxeter-based band Blame. The band is led by former Ortega and In Colour guitarist James Brighouse, who is joined on vocals by Sam Johnson.

What’s it sound like?

After the heavier sounds of his previous bands, Brighouse claims he was this time inspired by the groups that drew him to the guitar in the first place, the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Bruce Springsteen. Sadly, this single falls short of their exceptionally high standards.

Blame, as well as drawing on their musical predecessors, are also heavily inspired by their surroundings. Their bio claims they are “the product of a sleepy suburban town and its ability to drive residents indoors on rainy days”.

Indeed, Uttoxeter is hardly known as an urban metropolis. One of its most famous former residents is the film maker Shane Meadows, best known for writing and directing This is England, and who is currently making a Stone Roses documentary. I don’t think the Blame boys will be mentioned alongside Mr. Meadows by Uttoxians anytime soon though.

‘Floods’ is a relatively tame attempt to fulfil the conventions of the classic rock genre, in the process losing all of the energy and excitement that the bands Blame look towards created.

Is there a music video?

What’s the final verdict?

Bland, bromidic, boring, it is the type of song that explains why people continue to say rock is in the doldrums. ‘Floods’ sounds like a bad Gaslight Anthem b-side, culled for being too much of a cliché of themselves.

Words by Andrew Bardsley.

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Comments 9

  1. Ric McGuire says:

    Wow! Tunnel vision; watermark of a bad journo’. I think maybe you were listening to a different song too bud’!!

  2. Sarah Johnson says:

    Um, sorry, I have to agree with Ric’. This is nothing more than a wannabe journo’ excersing his limited frame of reference!! Proof is in the pudding: Andrew Bardsley’s given the latest Queen, sorry Muse track 4/5 and the latest Minue The Bear track only 1/5. Think you might have your scales upside down fella!

  3. James Lawson says:

    Pay no attention to this guy. He gave new MUSE 4/5. Says alot! :-)

  4. Sammylou says:

    Are you mental!! Do you realise this single is currently number 9 in the Amazon Rock Chart and they’ve managed to do that without any advertising! This band has thousands of followers and have excellent comments on all they’re videos on youtube! What a Geek!!!

  5. graham says:

    hahaha, im sure it wont be long before this guy is eating his words, fool, these guys rule, uk rock is back, dinosaurs must die !!!

  6. nell says:

    This journo is so wrong its ridiculous. Haha. Never mind ay fella. Blame are fantastic

  7. Ali says:

    I agree with Ric, are you sure you were listening to the right track ? Blames new album is on spotify recommended listening today! Muse 4/5? Don’t think Rolling Stone will be calling you anytime soon Andrew Bardsley.

  8. James says:

    This band is soooooo outdated, heard it all before, wannabee band :(

  9. Janie says:

    The song/ video sounds and looks like a poor American 80’s rock track lol