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The Tricks – Just For the Summer/ Remember Me

February 6, 2012

The Tricks, a London-based band tipped by some for big things in 2012, emerge here with their debut single, a double A-side of “Just For the Summer” and Remember Me. Both tracks display impressive musicianship, and lead singer Joel Hodge’s vocals easily stand out against the band’s raucous sound. The problem is that Just For the Summer in particular ends up being somewhat unremarkable, and given the amount of new bands against whom The Tricks will have to define themselves,  their hard work may be wasted when listeners struggle to even remember the tune.

Just for the Summer, while mildly enjoyable with its shout-along chorus, feels like exactly the kind of guitar pop  that’s been done already, and more successfully, by other bands. Fortunately, “Remember Me” shows a marked improvement. Here they perfectly harness their pop sensibilities, right down to the 60s girl group-style backing vocals that accompany the majority of the song. The track’s simplicity and slower tempo really work to its advantage, allowing the vocal harmonies to shine on a track that offers some promise for the band.

A mixed-bag of a double-A side then, but a band to keep a close eye on.

Words by Barclay Ballard